evening in this kind of weather.


evening in this kind of weather.
However, in order to wait for the distinguished guests departing tonight, the airport director arranged for people to clear and wash the snow on the runway from the evening to ensure that the runway will not freeze and take off at any time.
At nearly eleven o’clock, about ten minutes apart, two Gulfstream IVs passed through the runway at high speed one after another, raising their noses and flying into the sky.
After the plane passed through the clouds, increased altitude several times, and entered the planned route.
Inside Han Xuan’s champagne gold plane, Gabriel pinched his nose and groaned to relieve ear discomfort caused by air pressure.
/He turned to Han Xuan and said, “I think you should consider big planes. One plane can’t accommodate so many people. It’s quite troublesome to fly two planes at a time.” “That’s okay.
My grandfather’s SOS Group The transportation company is going to be equipped with an air cargo line and is planning to buy a few satellites and a batch of aircraft. If it is cheaper to buy them together, I will customize one of Boeing’s latest 777 series, which should be launched in the middle of this year. It has been developed It’s in the test flight stage. The Boeing 777 has a range of more than 15,000 kilometers, which is enough to meet all my needs. I won’t need to rent an airplane for long-distance flights in the future.”
Han Xuan hugged Anya, who was sleeping soundly with her head on his shoulder, and whispered to Gabriel said.
Gabriel was speechless. Hearing the name Boeing 777, he knew that it was a very advanced aircraft, and it also meant that it would cost countless dollars.
After asking himself, Han Xuan casually said that he wanted to buy it, and the big boss even wanted to buy a satellite!
This made Gabriel feel that he was indeed from a different world than them, and he felt 10,000 points of critical damage in his heart.
After saying a few more words, he put the blanket over his head and hid in it to lick his wounds.
Han Xuan had roughly finished watching the movie “God of Gamblers 2” and was about to close his eyes and take a nap when he saw Anya’s homework book on the table.
He glanced at the girl and found that she was still sleeping. He quietly reached out and picked it up, opened it and took a peek.
Anya’s handwriting is quite beautiful. This is her vacation practice report, and she writes about her time at the Snow Mountain Ranch.
Whether American students are under a lot of pressure to study mainly depends on whether they want to go to college and what kind of college they want to go to. They rely on their own initiative to study, and few people force them. Student performance is not a criterion for measuring the value of life.
At Anya’s age, there is almost no homework during the winter vacation, only a few extracurricular practice reports that are like diaries.
Han Xuan could see from between the lines that Anya was having a lot of fun recently, and he couldn’t help but smile.
But her teacher probably had a

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