the league, most of them were still high school students.


the league, most of them were still high school students.
Before heading to the arena, Sun Hao gathered the players together.
This kind of thing was done by locker room leaders in the Lakers and Mavericks.
Now this team is young, and after Sun Hao arrives, he will also have to take on this responsibility.
Sun Hao also had a different idea and did not shout “Come on, Team XX” like in the past.
He gave this Warriors team a new slogan.
“It’s Time! Warriors!”
translated into Chinese means, it’s time, warriors!
This fits perfectly with the Warriors.
After the slogans were shouted, a group of people trotted out and ran directly out of the players’ tunnel.
The scene was already crowded with people.
Today’s Oracle Arena attendance and atmosphere are completely different from two days ago.
There are various KT boards in the stands, with slogans such as “Welcome back, Sun!” and “It’s Time” written on them.
Some loyal fans have even worn the Sun Hao Warriors No. 1 jersey they bought.
Of course, it’s not just male fans who are crazy. There is a female fan with an E-hood who stuck a sticker of Sun Hao’s face between the northern and southern hemispheres.
The photographer who added chicken legs to the scene gave him a close-up shot, and the whole arena was excited.
Sun Hao didn’t care either. Before he walked out of the tunnel, he motioned to Durant, who was running out, to throw a ball to him.
Then, he threw a three-pointer at the entrance of the tunnel!
His move was shown on the large LED screen at the scene, and the fans at the scene watched straight.
The basketball shot straight into the net bag as if it was equipped with positioning cruise.
The moment the ball was scored, the Oracle Arena exploded.
What the hell is pretentious!
Once it penetrated the soul, it exploded directly.
After Sun Hao made a three-pointer from the tunnel, he jogged into the field.
Although he has not played in a full game for half a year, the training within his system has not stopped.
This kind of ultra-long distance without confrontation is not too difficult for him.
Well, that’s for Sun Hao!
This three-pointer made the fans at the scene wet, and also brought teammates like Durant to climax.
This ‘Sun’ who has dominated the league for three years is now their teammate!
After Sun Hao entered the scene, the photographers on the scene kept taking shots of him.
After shooting a three-pointer from the tunnel, Sun Hao continued to warm up as before. After the warm-up, he sat on the sidelines to rest, waiting for Nelson to make the final tactical arrangements.
It was only then that the photographer on the scene gave some shots to other people, such as Durant and Rose.
The trade the Grizzlies made in January proved to be quite successful.
Deng has always played power forward with the Pacers, and he also did very well with the Grizzlies.
/And the most important thing is his defensive ability, which can not only help defend the inside, but also extend beyond the free throw line.

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