On the other side, they also “stole” Antigonus’ “eternal sleep” state.
Without any hesitation, the Amons transferred the “eternal sleep” state to Klein’s “body” and to the “Lord of Mysteries”.
The resurrected aura of the ancient being suddenly fell silent, but soon rebounded.
At this time, the corresponding article on the “Trunsoest Brass Book” with a weakened seal once again took shape:
/“Resurrection of the dead is prohibited here!”
Suddenly, the terrifying will in Klein’s “body” rapidly weakened, creating a strong tendency to fall asleep again.
But this will is so powerful that even a long time cannot completely wear it away. Under the double restrictions, it is still growing and reviving tenaciously, bit by bit, and trying to use “tampering” and “fooling” Relieve the current dilemma.
Klein felt that the other party was invoking the power of “Origin Castle”, and immediately concentrated on interfering.
At the same time, the “Night Goddess” floating above the ancient palace slightly relaxed her control on Amon’s true body, withdrew the bird-shaped gold ornament, and pointed its head downward.
From inside the bronze eyeball of this bird-shaped gold ornament, illusory cascading doors poured out, allowing a drop of colorless water with a strong aura of eternal silence to fall to Klein’s “body” in the ancient palace.
This is a drop of water from the “River of Eternal Darkness”!
While the “Night Goddess” was doing this, Amon’s real body’s attempts to open the “door” to escape tacitly slowed down.
This drop of water fell extremely fast, and the natural barrier built by the “Earth Mother Goddess” and the civilization picture presented by the “God of Steam and Machinery” shrank a little at the same time, making way for it.
Snap, the water from the “River of Eternal Darkness” dropped accurately on the top of Klein’s “body” and slipped in silently.
The aura of the “Lord of Mysteries” that was growing little by little immediately fell back, lost its fluctuation, and fell into a state of eternal sleep again.
But this state is very unstable and seems to be broken at any time.
At this time, the last free hand of the “Night Goddess” pulled out a huge long sword from the void.
The surface of this long sword was covered with orange light, exuding the aura of the decline of all things as dusk approached.
This is the symbol of the “Twilight Giant”.
The “Goddess of the Night” stretched out her arm covered with short black hair and slashed the exaggerated giant sword downwards.
He has always had some energy left, as if he was preparing for this moment!
Amidst the strange sound of the void cracking and decaying, the long sword covered in dusk light slashed through the dome of Antigonus’s palace, causing the hanging corpses to fall to the ground.
Immediately afterwards, it hit Klein’s “body” who had not yet escaped from the state of eternal sleep.
The resurrected will of the “Lord of Mysteries” quickly died, and the body also declined and collapsed in an unstoppable trend, along with the uniqueness of “

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