ed ribbons, graceful waist, and soft singing rhythm.


Because she was King Zhou’s beauty, all the ministers just lowered their heads to eat the food. Even the brave ones only dared to take a peek while raising their glasses.
/Daji didn’t even look at them. Only Lu Bei in the main seat was in her beautiful eyes.
Since the Nuwa Palace incident, she has become extremely honest. The same goes for the Nine-Headed Pheasant Spirit and the Jade Pipa Spirit. They know that they are useless to Nuwa Empress. Lu Bei can be described as extremely humble.
The effect was average, except for the jade pipa spirit, the fox and the chicken were not lucky. Even if Daji went to the middle palace to cry to Queen Jiang, the result was still the same.
Don’t blame Lu Bei for being heartless, not to mention having no feelings. Even if there were, the faces of Hu Er and Hu San were enough to make him shy away.
The Jade Pipa Spirit is different. This big-breasted brother is capable of getting along and has a lot of cultivation. He is an excellent furnace.
As for Queen Ginger
That night there were dark clouds, lightning and thunder, and Lu Bei was deceived by Huang Guifei and Yang Fei’s lies, so he blindfolded himself and played guessing.
There is no boat on the wild crossing, so you can go back and forth without any effort. When you come back to your senses, one is overflowing and unable to collect, and the other is giving away the bag.
I have no choice but to make mistakes.
Let’s just leave it at that. It’s all an illusion anyway. As long as we don’t talk about it, Brother Xiao will never know.
Queen Jiang saw that Daji sincerely admitted her mistake and felt pity for her sister. She personally vouched for Lu Bei’s forgiveness. She was a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl who had left her parents’ hometown and was struggling in the palace. She made mistakes. Inevitably, sincerely repenting now, there is nothing wrong with giving her a chance.
Lu Bei was not happy and kept Queen Jiang in the cold for ten days and a half. After that, she never dared to plead for Daji again.
Lu Bei was still unhappy today. Daji was wearing a red robe, and he was disgusted no matter how he looked at her.
After the dance was over and the song was over, Lu Bei waved his hand and rewarded her, praising the Sumei people for their hard-to-find dancers. They danced very well and jumped up and down. Don’t dance next time.
Daji left sadly.
At the end of the banquet, Lu Bei rewarded the officials. Looking at Bigan and others whose pockets were gradually getting richer, they thought about how they might bring bad luck to them someday. The leeks were growing well and it was time to cut them off.
The four princes were rewarded, and Lu Bei ordered people to give him a seat. Ji Chang, who saw Ji Chang’s face, praised him for his skill in taking care of her. Jiang Huanchu, who saw the phoenix buzzard’s face, held back his words and praised him for giving birth to a good daughter.
Queen Jiang’s eyebrows were filled with joy, and she looked at her husband with de

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