ly trying to put gold on his face and forcibly fabricating the past with Chu Weiyang out of thin air. The continuation of ties and legal traditions that did not exist at that time.


But the more this happened, the more anger boiled in Chu Weiyang’s heart.
He understood very well that this truly proved that Master Pang was not only not stupid, but also that his trip was definitely driven by others. These words were a further attempt to anchor something in Chu Weiyang’s body. Bad reputation” and “evil reputation”.
This method is very despicable.
But even Chu Weiyang had to admit that this seemingly crude method is actually very useful, because to truly break out of the barriers of reasoning with others, you only need to slander and pour dirty water out of thin air, and then ignore the truth. If it is false, the people behind it will make a lot of noise and publicize the matter.
At that time, many things that seemed to not exist in reality could turn from fiction to reality, from false to true, and become a period of time created by people.
And after the protagonist of all the talk has passed away, perhaps many more years will pass, and the classics of the Great Sect of the Holy Lands will also record events like hearsay, anchoring an illusion into reality.
/Similarly, just when Chu Weiyang was thinking about this, Master Pang clearly knew the power of his words. His old face was full of wrinkles and decayed scars. At this time, Then he revealed a reserved and ferocious smile.
He seemed to be convinced by Chu Weiyang, and the moment he felt Chu Weiyang’s Qi steaming up, instead of being frightened, he wanted to go one step further!
This was actually beyond the arrangements of the person behind it, and belonged to Master Pang’s own expression after finishing his predetermined lines.
After all, hiding in the hills and ditches, how could such a majestic scene be truly displayed? The vastness and vastness of the outer sea seemed to reflect the majestic mind in his old body.
Just like in the past, he held the banner of the clan elders and talked about the “Six Masters of Feng Shui” and the “Six Elders of Kanyu”. At first, Shifang knew that these were words to scare people, but as he continued to talk, many years later, he actually taught himself I also believe in such rhetoric, as if this is the way the traditions of each family are inherited, and this order itself has never become a lie.
At this moment, Master Pang quickly adapted to his own situation just like in the past. He quickly felt his omnipotence while being wild and wild. He lay on his back half among the beauties. , took a deep breath, and felt an unprecedented sweet smell in his mouth and nose.
/This breath made him feel calm, and made him forget everything in his madness!
So, before the servant could speak, the old master Pang sensed Chu Weiyang’s vigorous aura and suddenly shouted.
“What are you trying to do! Little baby! Don’t go astray like this! Disobeying the teacher’s etiquette is already a big mistake! Now that you are showing your murderous

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