s eyes were glowing red, and his face was filled with an evil smile.


s eyes were glowing red, and his face was filled with an evil smile.
“I am now invincible!” His voice was hoarse when he said this, and it was impossible to tell whether it was his words or the deer monster.
“Not necessarily, don’t overestimate yourself.”
Hearing the voice, Lingsa suddenly raised his head and looked over. I stood not far from him, holding the broken sword in my hand. I had already taken out the talisman given by Mr. Xu Congshi and held it in my hand.
/“Spirit Talisman” Zhuan Ya said, looking at the magic talisman in my hand, with a hint of strangeness in his eyes.
“You? An ant!” Lingsa, who couldn’t tell whether he was a human or not, suddenly raised his hand and waved at me in the air. A terrifying strong wind blew by, knocking away many individual guests around him.
I stood in the terrible evil wind and my Dantian was filled with anger. I waited for the strong wind to blow over and said: “People can’t feel inferior because they are looked down upon, nor can they become ignorant because they suddenly gain strength. This is what Lai Guodong once said to me, although he Maybe he is not a first-class big shot in this world, but in my eyes, he is more like a human being than you!”
He put the magic talisman on his forehead, silently recited the incantation, and his breath exploded instantly! A terrible force suddenly jumped up from my Dantian, and then quickly penetrated into my limbs.
“Kill!” I shouted, roaring angrily like a warrior for the first time!
The moment the talisman was taken off, the dragon patterns on the entire broken sword were activated, and I could even hear the terrifying dragon roar coming from the sword body. I took one step forward, with blazing flames burning in my eyes.
“You said you are invincible? In my opinion, it’s just a joke!” As he spoke, he raised his broken sword, and with the roar of the dragon, murderous intent boiled over, and Lingsa rushed towards me.
At this moment, after one move, you will see life and death!
The black light was flowing, the breath of terror was impacting, and the strong wind lifted my clothes and hair. I shouted and rushed over, and the hand that raised the sword trembled slightly with excitement.
With the roar of the sky, I stabbed Lingsa with my sword. Lingsa was possessed by the demon deer and was so powerful that he was not afraid. He actually grabbed my broken sword with one hand and thought with the other hand. My head scratched.
“Drink!” I shouted loudly, and kept exerting my strength, but I heard Lingsa mockingly say: “That’s all you have? You and your broken sword are no match for me at all!”
I held the hilt of the sword tightly, and my hand felt hot. . He sneered: “A guy who doesn’t even want a soul has no right to criticize me!”
At this moment, the big black hand holding the broken sword suddenly began to crack, and no blood flowed out, but Lingsa’s hand seemed to be melted. The candle fell to the ground in chunks.
“How could this happen?” he shouted in surprise.
“The victory has been decided.

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