ns, the slender forelimbs made of grade three materials are simply indestructible. The thinness shown by the slenderness is not a disadvantage for humans.


The ‘Phantom Millipede’ can be regarded as a skill-based attack among the third-level Zerg. Coupled with the Zerg’s natural fighting instinct, it is almost impossible to defeat it using skills.
But there are no absolutes in everything, and the ‘Heavy Ax Master’ has this possibility. Every weapon master has his own field, and he is almost invincible in his field.
Of course, this almost invincible finger is only about skills. If the opponent pays special attention to the gap in this aspect, the effect of skills will be reduced.
The reason why David was able to cut off the head of the ‘Phantom Millipede’ so easily was because the extraordinary attacks of Benton and Garth attracted the attention of the ‘Phantom Millipede’.
In addition, David hid himself very well and only showed his weak side, so the ‘Phantom Millipede’ did not take him seriously.
When David delivered the fatal blow, the reaction of the ‘Phantom Millipede’ was also random, which all contributed to the death of the ‘Phantom Millipede’.
Of course, there are some reasons that others cannot see. Even if all this is done, it is not so easy for a peak warrior to break the neck of a third-level Zerg.
Without the combination of talents such as ‘Power Shock’, ‘Power Enhancement’, ‘Power Overlap’, and ‘Ultimate Speed’, David would not be able to achieve such results.
As long as the ‘Phantom Millipede’ is given a chance to breathe, it can cause a fatal counterattack to David.
“Master David, no, Grandmaster David, you should stay at the defensive wall. If the situation goes wrong, you can evacuate at any time!” Benton Chaofan woke up from the shock. He immediately changed his mind and said to David.
/Benton has a very clear judgment on who can be sacrificed and who cannot be sacrificed.
The death of a ‘sniper master’ will not cause much loss to the Federation.
But a ‘Heavy Ax Master’, and a young ‘Heavy Ax Master’ with great potential, is different.
With David’s level of genius, Benton Chaofan completely believed in the possibility of David being promoted to Chaofan, a Chaofan with the ability of ‘Heavy Ax Master’. Whenever he thought of this possibility, Benton Chaofan felt a little short of breath.
“Benton is extraordinary, let me follow. I will pay attention. Maybe I can do something else!” David used a third-grade heavy ax to sweep through the insect swarm. After clearing an area, he said He replied while flying into the air.
“Grandmaster David, welcome to join us!” Garth Chaofan said with a big smile.
At this time, Garth Chaofan said these words, which fully recognized David’s meaning.
Given David’s young age, he was able to risk his life to accompany them to delay the fourth-level Zerg ‘Titan Black Beetle’. This spirit was enough for him to respect.
Not everyone will be willing to continue taking risks when they receive an order to evacuate.
“You must be careful and stay a little further a

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

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