main match. It can be said that every step forward is very important to yourself and the sect.


Li Tianyi appeared.
After Zhang Xiaopang went berserk. Countless monks are already waiting for others to appear.
Li Tianyi, the Fire Heart Sword Saint.
His opponent was Sword Xiu Muen from the Heart Sword Sect, ranked twenty-ninth in the Star Alliance.
Although the Heart Sword Sect is not among the top ten sects. But Qingyun Sect’s Feng Tianzun even sighed. Let’s talk about the persistence of the sword and the understanding of the sword’s intention. There is no equal in the world.
There are paths of cultivation that are entirely aimed at strength, but there are also paths that are aimed at artistic conception.
Li Tianyi is now a well-known figure. He has a destiny-type holy statue. He is definitely the target of the monks’ attention. He is also cold and handsome.
Mu En is an ordinary-looking monk, very young. He seems a little uncomfortable with the attention of so many monks, and his expression is slightly stiff.
“I am Mu En from the Heart Sword Sect, please give me your advice.”
When Mu En came up, he bowed deeply, his voice trembling, which immediately caused a burst of laughter.
It seems that the name of the holy statue is still very scary.
Li Tianyi also couldn’t laugh or cry. What he disliked the most was unchallenging battles, especially after seeing Zhang Xiaojiang’s battle. That was the real opponent. Only that kind of battle was meaningful. But there was no other way. He had to move forward and kill him casually. Never mind.
Li Tianyi was not going to talk nonsense, Mu En nodded quickly and took two steps back, but his steps were a bit messy and he was too nervous.
/Then he took out a sword from the Qiankun bag, and everyone laughed again.
He actually took out a wooden sword.
Where is this place? Does anyone else have a wooden sword?
The laughter made Mu En’s face blush even more, “Master said that using a wooden sword is enough. It’s not good to hurt people.”
The whole place burst into laughter. The monks all thought that this little guy was crazy. He was so stupid. What kind of place was this? It was the Battle of the Other Side.
I heard that people in the Heart Sword Sect are all a little sick, stupid and naive, but I didn’t expect the legend to be true.
/But after seeing the wooden sword, especially after Mu En held the wooden sword, his expression changed unknowingly, and Li Tianyi’s eyes shone.
Among the people who didn’t smile were the members of the church. When Mu En took out the wooden sword, Zhang Xiaojiang curled his lips and said, “We are in trouble.”
Whether it’s a mule or a horse, it must slide around. When it reaches a certain state, you can actually tell it at a glance.
Li Tianyi’s depression was swept away, and with a flash of light, he actually had a wooden sword in his hand.
Mu En, who was opposite him, was also slightly startled, with a bright smile on his face, “Master said that those who know how to use wooden swords are those who know how to use swords.”

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