Knight Miller, David came to the other side of the reception. When David saw Lord Llewellyn, he recognized him as the lord of Conant’s top noble family.


The Conant family, or all the top nobles on this side of the reception, are separated from the top nobles on the other side in terms of territorial position.
Although the divine world has a planet-level portal, it is impossible for ordinary goods to travel through the planet-level portal. The transmission fee alone cannot make up for the price difference of the goods.
Therefore, the nearby planets rely on cargo ships similar to the “Starry Sky Ship” to carry out large-scale cargo exchanges. This also causes the nobles of the divine world to be separated in the star field to a certain extent.
Of course, this does not mean that there are no special existences. Existences like Garmi, even if they are far away in the corner of the divine world, due to David’s identity, if necessary, will immediately become a popular planet as long as it is opened.
When Lord Llewellyn saw Lord Arthur approaching, a look of surprise flashed across his face.
He had heard that Lord Arthur seemed to treat Knight Miller differently when he was in Battle Star, but he did not expect to get together on such an occasion.
“Father, this is Lord Arthur, and this is Knight Charlie!” Knight Miller introduced to Lord Llewellyn.
“No need to introduce, Lord Arthur, I have long admired your name. We met during the meeting, but we didn’t have the chance to contact you. There is also Charlie Knight. It is true that a hero comes from a young age. He has such strength at such an age!” Lord Llewellyn took the initiative! He bowed and saluted David and Charlie.
/Lord Llewellyn did not neglect the knight Charlie, and boasted about both David and Charlie when he spoke.
“Lord Llewellyn, it’s a great honor to meet you!” David bowed in return in a very formal manner.
/“I heard Miller mention that you took good care of him in Battle Star. As a father, I want to thank you!”
Lord Llewellyn might as well open the topic. The only connection between him and David was Knight Miller, so he said so.
“I have a predestined relationship with Knight Miller. We feel like old friends at first sight. Needless to say, we need to take care of each other. By the way, my planet Duner hopes to develop some commercial cooperation with the star Conant. What do you think?” David smiled. said.
Lord Llewellyn was really shocked. The meaning of Lord Arthur’s words was not simple. If business cooperation is spontaneous, it is just business cooperation.
An invitation like Lord Arthur’s is a true cooperation, which is a sign of formal friendship between two top families.
Besides, what kind of planet is Dun’er? It is a very famous commercial planet in the entire divine world. Being able to cooperate with Dun’er means that the Conant family will have a lot of benefits.
The benefit is still a small matter, but the key is that the partner is Lord Arthur. With Lord Arthur’s reputation now, the Conant family has gained more benefits.

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