en sea of ??fire, and its gaze swept in all directions.


It was a colorful crystal wall, and with the help of hazy light and shadow, one could see the outline of a human figure.
When he first met this person, Tai Su was quite eager to try. He didn’t know what he wanted to do or what he should do. He raised his sharp claws, burned the golden flames, and carved a line of crooked fonts on the crystal wall. Tai Su came here.
Taisu was quite happy when he wrote this line. While pondering, he thought of something again. When he started another line, he followed his instinct and saw another line of ugly words Taisu Wujitian shaped like a chicken goug.
“What is Taisu Wujitian, the world where I was born?”
Taisu pondered for a long time, and after a while, because he couldn’t think of a reason, he decisively threw it behind him.
/In the dark, there was a voice telling him that it didn’t matter if he couldn’t remember it now. If he didn’t want to know about it in the future, he would naturally remember it.
“A wise saying!”
Taisu fell into happiness inexplicably, waving his wings and looking at the figure in the crystal, with golden flames in his eyes, and murmured to himself: “Sutra of Abandonment, you are the Immortal Sword Master.”
What is the Immortal Sword Master, and who is the Sutra of Abandonment?
Tai Su had a splitting headache and couldn’t think of anything. He was in pain like his soul was being torn apart, as if he had lost the most important thing.
With a low cry, the three-legged golden crow flapped its wings and soared into the sky. His mind once again entered a state of chaos as he fantasized about the great supernatural powers in the place where he was born, the Dharma that was millions of feet long, and the god who created the world.
“Ho ho ho”
The three-legged golden crow changes, and the Dharma appears between heaven and earth. The sun soars into the sky, casting endless golden light between the evil spirits of heaven and earth.
/Its eyes are like the bright sun, its claws hold the stars and the moon, and its face is full of invincibility.
He looked down at the three legs, or maybe four, and said to himself: “I was born extraordinary, and I will be invincible for the rest of my life!”
As soon as the words fell, the domineering power spread out
“What is being invincible? Is it important?”
The aura of king and domineering died down and disappeared into nothingness in an instant.
When a silly bird is born, it understands nothing and knows nothing. It flutters its wings and soars straight into the sky, killing the false sun.
There is only two days in the sky, how can we tolerate false prestige?
The three-legged golden crow walked away, and the man in the crystal wall opened his eyes: “The Sutra of Abandonment”
“Immortal Sword Master”
“Sounds good, Great Heavenly Lord, I also have a name!”
The golden light breaks through the sea of ??clouds and gradually rises higher than the Buzhou Mountains.
The true fire of the sun shines brightly, scorching brightly, expressing its domineering intensity

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