mashed one by one, golden particles continued to flow out, and finally the meat shreds almost turned golden yellow, emitting a faint light.


Wei Xiaobei naturally knew that the Altar of Life might have made a huge profit this time.
And these golden particles are probably some crude divinity from the mutated farmer’s market.
But just when Wei Xiaobei was feeling a little happy, a pink and contemptuous voice rang out.
“What’s the use of the Western Evil God’s gadgets?”
Ao Yan is awake?
Wei Xiaobei’s heart almost stopped with fear, and he turned around with difficulty to look at Ao Yan.
There is no doubt that Wei Xiaobei’s worry is not just that Ao Yan becomes greedy looking at that crude god.
I am even more worried that the other party will become interested in the altar of life.
After all, the altar of life is definitely a sacred object.
“I don’t know what’s the use.”
Wei Xiaobei answered honestly.
“This thing has serious side effects”
Ao Yan didn’t look like a seven or eight-year-old child at this time. Instead, he looked like an old man in his seventies or eighties. He taught Wei Xiaobei so earnestly that his ears felt calloused.
/After these words, Wei Xiaobei understood clearly that the so-called divinity is completely from the so-called Western God Realm. It originated from the aggregation of faith. To say that this thing is quite useful.
But the side effect of this thing is that after swallowing and absorbing these divinities, it will be affected by those beliefs to a certain extent.
To put it simply, this influence will directly act on the absorber’s original heart, causing the absorber’s original heart to change in the direction desired by those beliefs.
Of course, this level of impact is considered relatively light.
After absorbing divinity, if you want to use this divinity to continuously advance, you need to continuously condense divinity, and to continuously condense divinity, you need to further transform your original heart in the direction desired by your faith, and even change your form. Need to follow the change.
Well, just give a simple example.
If the absorbed divinity comes from a group of believers who worship flames, and their belief is in flames, then the absorber’s original heart will change in a passionate and manic direction, and the shape may change into a human form with rising flames. It might even turn into a ball of flame at its extreme.
By analogy, the divinity condensed in this mutated farmer’s market should probably be biased towards killing. Wei Xiaobei had no chance to check what attributes that divinity had.
But having said that, Ao Yan could see clearly that it was out of good intentions and reminded Wei Xiaobei not to absorb these divinities, lest his own mind would be affected.
Of course, if it were another person, he might not think that absorbing divinity is a bad thing.
After all, after absorbing this divine nature, it can enhance a lot of strength.
Well, Wei Xiaobei will naturally not absorb these divinities. He has no chance to absorb divinities at al

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