Creature level: Two-star ordinary.
Introduction: These volcanic rock people are the life forms that are finally produced by the spontaneous mutation of volcanic rocks after being influenced by the divine power of Loki’s finger. Compared with ordinary creatures, they have a rather long lifespan, but due to their nature, as long-lived species, they are more likely to They are all asleep and will not be bothered by it.
/Attributes: (omitted)
Soul Strength: 11
Skill: Sleeping Growth.
Special abilities: Sleep evolution, Sleep shield.
Evolution points: X (cannot be accumulated)
Possessions: None.
It turns out that the special radiation released by Loki’s fingers turned out to be Loki’s divine power! But having said that, the mutation speed of these volcanic rock people is slow enough. I have been away for so long, and they have life.
Of course, this volcanic rock man seems to be a loser in terms of biological level, attributes, soul strength and even skills and special abilities. Even the sleeping evolution takes hundreds of years to evolve.
Only the sleeping shield is better. During its sleeping period, no detection ability can tell that they are alive.
It was precisely this that made Wei Xiaobei’s previously activated omniscience completely ineffective.
But having said that, when he could see the attribute table of this volcanic rock man, Wei Xiaobei noticed a special fluctuation coming from an inexplicable place.
As Wei Xiaobei’s mind came into contact with this special fluctuation, Wei Xiaobei immediately understood.
This was the telepathy established by the mutant dock and himself. However, due to the distance between the gray world and reality, the telepathy from the mutant dock was extremely weak. It disappeared as soon as it came into contact and never appeared again.
The message coming from the mutant dock should be that he is hungry.
And the thing that makes the mutated dock feel hungry is these volcanic rock people!
After thinking about it, Wei Xiaobei understood that the blood of these volcanic rock people originally had the effect of allowing similar creatures to evolve. Thinking about it, the mutated dock should probably be classified as similar creatures.
No matter whether they were sleeping on this island or the volcanic rock people licking the blood of their own kind, they never expected that due to the influence of that blood, they would become the prey of a powerful being.
Wei Xiaobei took a step forward, but the volcanic rock man that had already licked up the blood opened its mouth and roared silently at Wei Xiaobei. It was probably aware of the threat Wei Xiaobei posed to him.
But in front of a strong man like Wei Xiaobei, a mere two-star average strength was completely useless.
Stretching out his left hand, Wei Xiaobei grabbed one of the volcanic rock man’s arms, and then gently exerted force. The volcanic rock man’s arm broke immediately, but no orange blood flowed out, and the volcanic rock man did not show any painful symptoms. This arm does not grow on its body.
Wei Xia

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