ves that he had not finished telling before.


ves that he had not finished telling before.
“Can I still live, doctor? Can I still live?”
/Pierce was furious.
There was no answer. The doctor looked at the bloody man who was covered in blood and whose clothes were torn to pieces. All he could think about was how to control the blood.
Fortunately, because of Betty’s timely medical treatment, Pierce saved his life.
Doctors said he would need a long recovery period and would be unable to do strenuous activities for at least a year.
But Pierce was discharged from the hospital three days later, started training not long after, and even participated in the Celtics training camp on time.
“Will he attend the opening ceremony?”
After hearing the story, Sun Hao asked curiously.
“Yes, he will, that’s Celtic tradition.”
Eisley said.
He entered the league early and played against the Celtics a lot.
“Tell you something about the North Shore Garden Arena.”
Davis started, and Sun Hao was full of curiosity.
“You may have heard that the NBA has many devilish arenas, like the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City. Their arena is like a canyon, and the decibels of noise can make you feel like your eardrums are being bombarded.
Like the Pepsi Center in Denver, where a thousand At an altitude of more than 600 meters, there is always a feeling that you can’t breathe at any time.
But the North Shore Garden Arena is the most devilish place, or the worst place for the visiting team.”
Sun Hao listened with interest.
Don’t tell me, it’s actually very interesting for the team to have a teammate who likes to tell stories so much.
“It was the 1994-95 season, when I just entered the league and played in San Antonio.
The same situation happened to Boston. They were only one game away from the Bucks. If they won, they would be sure to enter the playoffs in advance. .
However, the strength of the two teams is very different, and then there is that game. You know that spring has begun in April, and the temperature in Boston that day was close to 20 degrees.
We are athletes, wearing jerseys to play, and we do not need to turn on the air conditioning in a closed arena. ” But
for that game, they actually turned the air conditioner temperature to the highest level. We were sweating profusely and panting. It felt terrible.” “”
hearing what Eisley said, Sun Hao was speechless for a while . expression.
This is really shameless.
“But it’s just a little trick. What they are really famous for is floor tactics.”
“Floor tactics?”
“Yes, you know that in NBA game venues, the floors are often replaced temporarily.”
Sun Hao nodded, NBA courts are very High-end ones, like when he heard that when he went to lead preseason games overseas, the floors were shipped by plane and assembled on site.
“In this process, they will deliberately install several wooden boards with very poor elasticity, and then notify the team before the game which ones.
Of course, only the players of the home team know, and the players of the visiting team do not I know.

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